Our Story


Vardenchi in Marathi means, ‘Of’ the Varde or, ‘Belonging’ to the Varde. Today, the name is synonymous with custom motorcycles in India.

Own a Vardenchi today and become part of a Legacy.

Our Vision

To offer our customers the highest quality products along with exemplary service.



What makes a Vardenchi a class of its own?

At Vardenchi, the process of custom motorcycle building is a co-creation between the company and the customer. Each Vardenchi is more like a work of art, rather than a hunk of hot metal and wheels. It is designed to cater to the rider’s individual needs, with stringent quality control techniques to ensure each machine not only looks spectacular but rides with superlative quality. We use the Royal Enfield as a base but build most of the custom parts in-house. Some parts , like wheels and tyres that can’t be sourced locally, are imported.

Vardenchi offers end to end solutions in every area of custom motorcycle building, from sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication to an in-house painting and assembly unit. These motorcycles are all about personality, attitude and looking great. A keen sense of design that arises from actually riding and experiencing the products on a day to day basis is the key. The entire process from sketching the concept to 3D designing the parts and assemblies and creating prototypes at every stage to check for quality and fit and finish makes a huge difference to the final product. The result is not just a motorcycle, but an extension of the rider’s personality.

A sincere approach to the business and a perfect track record of great builds and deliveries keeps Vardenchi growing consistently as we move forward.