Brand Motorcycles

A Brand motorcycle is customized to express what your brand signifies. A brand message on a custom motorcycle has great recall value. It can be used for promotions or a showcase, thus enhancing the
overall experience of customers.

Oh My God




Built for the Ghost rider movie promotion this monster looks as notorious and deadly as the one in the movie. This replica looks like it could come to life this second.


Hot Wheels

This classic brand motorcycle for Hot wheels is showcased at their store in Mumbai. The brand logo is the perfect graphic job on this striking orange colour custom.


Vardenchi Motorcycles being the promotional partner with Walt Disney built the Tron motorcycles for the promotion of the movie ‘Tron’. This stunning futuristic motorcycle was executed with precision in less than 10 days.


The motorcycle built for the Canon visual lounge in worli, Mumbai. A custom graphic job hand painted by a Mumbai based artist makes this one the perfect shot.



The motorcycle is built for the Brand, Cloud Nine. This one is a canned wonder with the uniqueness in design brilliantly executed. The brand message is expressed loud and clear.